June 1st, 2007 - June 9th, 2007


This is the majority of the Blizzard posts from June 1st, 2007 to June 9th, 2007. These do not include posts in the PTR (Public Test Realm) forums or any posts are not located on the official forums for the North American Server.

These links only go to the first Blizzard post (or blue post) in a thread. Be aware that sometimes Blizzard posts multiple times in a thread although the first reply is generally the best. Many of these threads are often Blizzard replying to close a thread or something similar but some are really good reads!

Remember, forum posts are eventually deleted from the forums. These links won't be good forever!

Summary for this Week

This week was a pretty mild week around the forums. We've got some Blizzard posts telling us about the Blizzcon rewards (Murloc suit for your character!) and we even have a post by Eyonix asking for help with his build.

A few of the major highlights would be the previous mentioned Murloc goodies from Blizzcon (along with a beta key to the next expansion!!). Next would be Eyonix's thread asking for build help. Following that would be the spam reporting feature that makes spam reporting more efficent (take that gold sellers!). All three of these are pretty good posts.

The losing post of this week are the not work safe "The Middle Finger" threads. It's nice to know the immaturity of the official forums is handled quickly and very nicely by the Blizzard staff.

Blizzard Posts

Remember, this isn't the complete listing and we may have missed some! They are sorted by posting date from earlier to latest. The links do take you to the exact Blizzard post. You can return to the first post by using the navigation tools supplied by Blizzard on their forums.

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