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User Interface Changes

The Burning Crusade expansion brings many changes to the World of Warcraft user interface. Below,
you will find screenshots to give you an idea of some of the changes. Changes have been made to the
character sheet, raid tab, pvp tab, the bank, and the interface options menu. New menus have been added
for the arena, the looking for group/looking for more option, and item socketing.

All of the User Interface screenshots can be found in our User Interface Gallery.

The standard UI has been altered only very slightly. The map button has been moved up to the minimap
and the "Looking for Group/Looking for More" button has replaced it on the toolbar.

User Interface

The interface options menu looks the same, but some options have been added. The basic and advanced views are below for your perusal.

Basic Interface Options Menu

Advanced Interface Options Menu

The character menu has undergone a few changes as well. For instance, you can change the view of
your stats to see how your stats apply to different methods of fighting. This is done by way of a drop-
down menu as seen below. Also, a PvP tab replaces the Honor tab. This records your achievements in the

Character Menu

Stat Dropdown Menu

PvP Tab

The "Help" menu has seen an upgrade as well. When you first open it, you are sent to the screen seen below.
This gives you access to commonly asked questions about the game. You can still open a GM ticket by clicking
the "Open a Ticket" button in the lower left hand part of the menu.

Help Menu

I have not been able to join any raids, so I have not gotten a look at the raid interface yet.
I will update with that information as soon as possible.

The bank has had slots added to both the bank inventory and the number of bags allowed. Once you have
reached the 25g mark on your available bag slots, you will only have to pay 25g for any additional slots (no more than that per slot).


Socketed Items can be socketed by shift-right-clicking on the item to bring up the socketing menu.
The menu can be seen below. The sockets are color-coded, putting in gems that are the same color as the
sockets will give you an extra bonus. An item that has already been socketed will bring up a menu as seen below.

Open-socket item menu

Socketed item menu

The Looking for Group/Looking for More menu can be found, as previously stated at the bottom of the screen in the toolbar.
When you open the menu, you will have the choice to look for a group (if you do not have a group yet) or to look for more people to add
to your existing group.

Looking for Group/More Menu

If you are looking for a group, then you will click on the "Looking for Group" button which will
bring you to the menu below. From there you can choose what you are looking for a group for
(dungeon, quest, etc).

Looking for Group Menu

Choices Drop-down Menu

Dungeon Drop-down Menu

The same is capable with the Looking for More menu.

Looking for More Menu

Choices Drop-down Menu

Dungeon Drop-down Menu

From what I've been able to see, the majority of the user-interface changes are for the better. If you have
questions or comments about the User Interface changes in the Burning Crusade, feel free to email us ([email protected]) or post on our forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016