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When you play in the world of MMOG's, playing alone all the time sucks. So what do you do when you've gotten tired of soloing or maybe want a little more social activity than the highly intelligent banter you've encountered in the general chat channel? Why, you look for a guild of course! Guilds are an important part of any online game and we here at Ten Ton Hammer recognize that. So in honor of the newest version of the WAR Beta, which introduces many new guild features, we've started a new spot, the Warhammer Online Guild of the Month! Each month, we'll interview one WAR guild allowing you, the reader, to get a glimpse into what that guild is all about. So read on and maybe you'll find a guild that fits your playstyle.

What kind of guild is SCORN and what are they all about?

Our mission is to be at the forefront of all end-game content, in whatever form Mythic challenges us in. We will strive to share our time between PvE content, and RvR, as well as forming Alliances for large scale battles. We require our members to be active, mature, experienced, and well-spoken. Scorn is strongly against any form of "griefing". We recognize that despite the fact that Order is our enemy, they're also other people playing a game that deserve respect just as much as we do.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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