Because a Good Guild is
Hard to Find

Playing Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning by yourself? Boring. Playing
with others? Immensely fun... if you hook up with the right group.
Which group is the right group though? How do you
know  they'll be fun to kill stunties with or worthy enough to
stop the hordes of Chaos? Ten Ton Hammer's Guild of the Month reveals

Every month we spotlight one WAR guild and get their take on what type
of guild they are, what kind of goals they have, and how many dwarves
they plan on killing... unless they're a Dwarven guild, then we avoid
that question. This month's guild is looking forward to decimating the
side of Order as much as inhumanly possible. Check out May's Guild of
the Month, After World!

In our downtimes, we will give our members a few
funtime events
to participate in to relieve any built up tension they may have within
the guild ranks. Chicken runs are going to be one of our bigger pastime
events, basically we will head to the teir 1 RVR zones with as many
members as possible, get turned into chickens and try to peck low lvl
order to death before they kill us all. Regardless how that turns out,
75 chickens pecking a lvl 5 dwarf in the ding ding is funny.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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