Lore is an important element to crafting a living, breathing world. It often gets overlooked in the modern age of MMOG gaming as players rush to the end and try to collect the best gear and take down the baddest monsters all in the name of the shiny. And some MMOGs tend to focus more on that aspect and less on the story of the world. So it's nice to see TERA taking advantage of social networks like Twitter to help weave the story of their world before the game launches. In a new lore feature posted to the TERA website, a compilation of lore segments released to the Elleon_TERA page have been put together in Elleon's Journal: Day 1.

Heading to Velika for big meeting. Rumors like wildfire around campus. For once, they aren't about the war. First pegasus ride. Almost lost my lunch. But the colors...must see them to believe. Exhilarating, amazing ride. Welcome to Velika! Next stop: Collegium Arcane. Taking the long way--I think I'm being followed. Guy in a dark cloak. Maybe just nerves. He's gone now.

What led to the creation of this segment you ask? Lead Writer David Noonan explains what brought about this experiment in fictional journal writing and continues to add new entries on the Elleon_TERA Twitter page. If you're concerned that this lore-based feature is being tweeted by a character, put your mind at ease as Noonan explains that this is not the case.

I want to make something absolutely clear at the outset: Elleon isn’t tweeting.

That would be wrong, wrong, wrong. But we are using Twitter to distribute Elleon’s journal entries, which will tell a story (and give you a peek at game content) over the coming weeks and months. Twitter is just the distribution technique; Elleon isn't going to retweet, reply, or anything like that.

Day 2 has already begun, so if you enjoy the first day's story, be sure to give it a look.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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