LU 18 is Now on Test!

Some really cool changes in the pipes with LU#18. I see vague hints to the Holiday Content as well as some awesome changes to pets, and quest indicators for NPC's. Appears they are putting more stuff together than most fathers will have to on Christmas Day.

***Headlines ***

- 'Tis the season for Frostfell time!

- Find quest givers easier with new quest indicators!

- Want to know the reward for completing a quest? No problem!

- New horses have been trained for Level 40 guilds--Mistrunners and Nightmares!

- Subclass armor has a new look and class-tailored stats!

- Get ready to explore the new Fallen Gate!

- Summoned pets get more distinct looks! (take a look at one here)

- New enemy mastery choices at level 52!

- New EQII Expansions Reward: Receive bonus veteran reward time for owning Desert of Flames!

Click here to see all the changes!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016