The 2007 MMORPG Lineup

Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle takes a bird's eye look at what new titles to expect in 2007. At ten releases plus at least one major expansion, there's probably more coming out than you were expecting. We've got quick writeups and links for all of them to refresh your MMO senses. But how many 2007 titles, even those pushed back from 2006, will actually make it out the door in 2007?

"At Ten Ton Hammer, we try not to speak definitively when nailing down release dates. Whether you're talking about a hydroelectric dam or home repair, any big project is sure to make bedroom eyes at Murphy's Law, and MMORPG development is no exception. We don't envy developers who, believe it or not, want the game to release as scheduled so much more than even the most rabid fan. Devs have lots of money, careers, and reputations riding on these games, after all. With that in mind, 2007 is still a pretty big target at this point, so we give you the titles that, in all likelihood, will grace our hard drives in final build form this year."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016