Hi, I would like to introduce myself, I am Nerix and I liken myself to Light Yagami from Death Note or Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. I have a massive god complex and a morality code that allows me to easily define what is and isn't just, to my specific convenience. More so, I'm going to be up front and honest here, I am a griefer. My fun in online gaming is not through the hilarious objectives given to us by developers, but through the art form of griefing. This could manifest in multiple ways, from becoming a high ranking officer in a popular guild and dismantling it to "stomping the sand castle" in Voxel based games. My enjoyment is reaction, both positive and negative, and I have a massive god complex - I believe that ultimately I am better than you. The odds of you, the reader reading this and coming to the conclusion that you're better than me is rather high, but that doesn't matter to me. Whenever you're explaining that you wish that I would quit doing whatever I'm doing while you're powerless to control me is when I prove that I'm better than you.

I'm not some run of the mill griefer who logged into Second Life one day and jokingly crashed a sim through an item someone gave me. I'm the kind of griefer who has manipulated games on massive scales, involving myself in multiple high profile news worthy griefs. Trolling to me is a casual past time, community infiltration is an automatic assumption. I log into a game and I automatically intwine myself into the community, lurking in the shadows, taking notes, being hyper meticulous about what everyone likes, dislikes, and how to work my way through the system as fast as humanely possible.

You may think of me as a sociopath, someone who gains pleasure from the torment of others and hell, you might be right. The thing is though, griefing is an art, pure and simple. There is a thin line between it being artistic and it being outright malicious. A true griefers aim is to gain a reaction, the reaction that you specified at the start. It could be something hilariously simple like "be lord of the game" and that is that, when you achieve the entire community worshiping you, then you have won and can kick your sand castle over and move on. It could be "get someone to quit the game" and once they've had enough and leave, you've been successful. Part of griefing is indeed "being a dick to others" and being a "massive douchebag" but it should never be about "pain." Licking the tears off of someone's face is much, much, much better whenever those tears have been cultivated through expertise. Pain is easy, upsetting someone is easy, but reactions are hard.

troll face

Funny story, trollface use is down drastically thanks to the fact more people care less about rage comics thanks to imgur taking over for all of the meme sites and people uprate photos of dogs more than rehashed comic jokes.

The rush in gaming for me is not loot, it isn't prestige, it's understanding that I sat there while you were hilariously unprepared for my scheming. Every single argument that you make against me is a joke - a hilarious joke - that I turn against you. Every political move, every thought, and every play that you try is defeated instantly. Then, I walk away, in a final act of torture, unable to allow you the last word. Only to arrive days, weeks, months, or even years later to remind you of the fun we had together and the fact that even after so much time, I am still untouchable.

I am such a "hardcore" griefer that both of my serious relationships have started from griefing online and I dated two people at the same time, both people I had griefed, who respected what I did as an art form and understood that I am superior to much of the Human race.

Every insult that anyone has ever formed has been defeated, if not turned against them. In my campaign in Stronghold Kingdoms I would laugh as a message came in calling me horrible racist names, quickly turning it into propaganda against said general.

Why am I saying all of this? Because I'm going to expose the world of high level griefing to you, the plebian who smirks whenever someone tells you that you're dumb online and you somehow pathetically think you've accomplished something. I'm going to tell you my secrets, my methods, and my tactics and maybe, just maybe, you too can ascend and become something more than some shithead sitting there swearing and calling people racist names on Halo and thinking you're some hot shot when people view you as desperate and a large joke.

Hopefully I can prepare you for dealing with griefers, strengthening your core to the point that no one can summon the reaction they wanted from you. Share my stories, for your entertainment, so that you might have somewhat of a better day, and to help understand the stigma of griefing a bit better and how idiots make "trolling" into a giant joke because the alpha griefers are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Join me as I go into these discussions and much more in the coming months.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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