Guild rewards are a unique feature of EverQuest 2, but what benefit do they provide the playerbase? RadarX takes a look at the pros and cons of guild rewards, and argues with invisible naysayers.

Why join a guild? Other than drunken voice chat? The social interaction, and having people readily available to group, for quests and raids, is a great start. EverQuest 2 has put in a deliberate system of rewards for guilds. Whether it's crafting machines for your home, special residences, or guild clothing there is a little something for everyone. Recently, even charms with special one use abilities, food, drink, and titles were added. How do you obtain all these wonders? Just obtain a high enough guild level by doing heritage quests, writs, killing raid mobs, or selling status items. Sound neat? Oh it is! These guild rewards are nice, and have there place, but I think there are a few problems ignored.

Find the Catch-22 here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016