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Now that you have completed the access quest for the chicken play and stopped laughing at my obvious chicken to Star Wars parody lines we can get serious and stop clucking around. If you have yet to complete the access quest read the Beginners Guide to Chicken Clucking.

The first thing we will get familiar with is some of the skills you will be using during this first part. While they all want be available initially, you will gain others as you progress the story-line.


You initially start out with just a couple of skills, but you gain a few more as time goes on.

Foul Fleetness: Increase run speed by 50% for 30 seconds.
Cooldown: 2m

Seek the Worm: No worm can escape your searching gaze. ~peck…peck…~

Paranoia: Increases your ability to spot invisible enemies greatly.
Duration: 1m
Cooldown: 2m

Bob and Weave: 50% Evade Chance. Adds an additional 25% to your evasion against ranged attacks.

Duration: 30 secs

Cooldown: 2m

Possum Impersonation: This is the chicken version of Feign Death. Sometimes it’s good to just be a dead chicken. So long as the enemy doesn’t think to fry you.

Cost: 5 Power

Toggle Skill

Maximum Duration: 1m

Cooldown: 2m

Once you have completed “Which Laid First” you can begin all the Chicken quest stuff. To begin, speak to Wald. He will want you to check on the queen chicken of the hen house. Head just north of Wald and speak with Billena the chicken to gain your first session play quest as a chicken.

The Early Bird

Billina is hungry and wants a feast of worms. Guess who gets to collect them. This quest is fairly strait-forward. Just run around the nearby farm area and look for small dirt mounds. When you find one, click on it to check for worms. While you are hunting worms, be careful of the nearby wildlife. The wolves would like nothing better than to have chicken for dinner. Once you have the needed worms speak with Bellina again and then speak with Wald to complete the quest.

When you are ready to continue learning the ways of the roost, speak to Billina once more


The Sky is Falling

It seems there is a wolf problem in the area and Billina wants you to investigate three other coops within the Shire. I have included a small map with the locations of each farm next to this quest. You will need to visit the following places and speak with a chicken at each.

The Sky is Falling Map
  • Dora Brownlock’s Farm: Located almost directly east of the Sandson farm just across the road. The quest reads north along the road to Needlehole so don’t be fooled. This farm is over run with wolves so be careful. The chicken you need to speak with is on the east side of the farm on the roof of a shire home. There is one wolf that patrols near him so you will need to be careful when talking to him.
  • Cotton’s Coop: This is located just a bit southeast of the Three Farthing Stone, south of Bywater. This one is pretty safe. All you need to do is speak to the chicken and move on.
  • Maggot’s Coop: This is located in the far southeast of the shire on Farmer Maggot’s farm in the Marish. This is a safe coop as Maggot has three guard dogs patrolling the land.

Once you have spoken with the chicken’s at all three coops you will exit the session. Talk to Billina and Wald again to complete the quest.

Since you were so good at dealing with Billina, Wald wants you to see if you can find out what is wrong with the Rooster named George. He has recently started to act a bit odd and Wald is concerned. George can be located next to Billina.

Flying the Coop

This is actually a series of quest that will begin in the Shire and then send you all over Middle-Earth. The first of these tasks given to you by George sets you out on a mission to find some muscle for the roost. That’s right George wants you to check with some of the local Shire animals about roughing up any wolves that might come near the Sandson farm. You will need to talk to five creatures. I have included a map to the side of this quest with their marked locations. You will need to speak with the following…

Flying the Coop Map
  • The Fox: He is located east of Tuckborough between there and Green Hill Country.
  • Old Sally: She is located on a hill just south of the Great Willow near Tuckborough.
  • Fang, Grip, and Wolf: These three are all located at Farmer Maggot’s farm. Not far from the chicken roost in the last quest.

Once you have spoken with each of the unwilling to help crowd, you will exit the session. Speak with George again and then to Wald to complete the quest. Ondce you have completed this task, you will be given the option to continue the Flying the Coop quest series, but the next part will take you all over Middle-earth as you seek some muscle for the coop.

This concludes “The Chicken Survival Guide: Part 1. Stay tuned for the climactic continuation to this epic saga in the next installment called The Chicken Survival Guide: Part 2: Revenge of the Chicks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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