One of the most frequently utilized and repetitive mechanics in any MMOG is the combat system. With thousands of redundant clicks how can you build something innovative and strategic that will provide ample challenge to veterans? The Chronicles of Spellborn has gone in a different direction differing from anything else the market has seen. We look at a number of reasons if put together properly this could be something truly innovative.

Strategic placement of skills is important but Spellborn isn't done just yet. Those tiered combat abilities are utilized in a real time environment with a targeting reticule. Does this mean no auto attack or ability queuing? That's exactly what it means so put that "easy button" next to your collector's edition stuffed plushy Murloc. Every blade swing and spell cast is activated immediately with no timers and no refresh meaning action as it happens and a much lower margin of error. If the target isn't facing you and the reticule not where it's supposed to be, you are going to lose that battle in a hurry. With latency all of this technology probably requires a little magic from the programmers but what we've seen just isn't used in other games and gives Spellborn a different flavor.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016