The Feast of Winter Veil Gallery

The Feast of Winter Veil is a holiday that runs from December 15 to Janurary 2nd as a compilation of several real world holidays. To find out more about this festive holiday click here to view our guide on The Feast of Winter Veil. Below are various screenshots from Silvermoon City and the Exodar’s very first The Feast of Winter Veil along with the Alliance city’s Ironforge – home of Greatfather Winter.





The Feast of Winter Veil even makes it out to Outland this year.


Silvermoon City has decorations all through the city.


Notice the trees sitting about at various locations.


The fountain which was already amazing is made even more so by the decorations.


Everywhere you go within the city has decorations.


A larger tree, the Blood Elves spare no expense to ensure their city fits the holiday theme.


Some of the trees look out of place. The wintery mix of the trees combined with the autumn colors sometimes don't mix.


More proof of some of the out of place decorations.


You have to move deep into the Exodar in order to see some of the holiday decorations.


There are a few trees here and there.


Trees often flanked the sides of the various ramps.


Smokeywood Pastures hard at work in Stormwind.


Ironforge has holiday lights up above some buildings.


Greatfather Winter waits for milk and cookies.


The tree, giver of gifts.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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