We predict
yet more predictions!

The heralding of a new year is always an exciting time in the gaming
industry. Those games that players have been waiting years to get our
hands on are now just a few months away from their release dates.
Companies that have held onto the names and ideas behind their products
are finally given the green light to unveil their masterpiece to the
world. More titles and companies emerge from the market miasma, and
gamers swoon at all the news.

Since it's only been a few days since the start of 2008, Cody "Micajah"
Bye figured it would be best to issue his own predictions for 2008 and
touch on some topics that his colleagues John "Boomjack" Hoskin and
Garrett Fuller did not. These "predictions" are in no particular order,
but are merely a few of the "big items" that may be trolling across
computer screens throughout the year. He has laid out eight of these
"predictions" (to represent 2008) so sit back, relax, then proceed to
throw rotten food at him when you finish reading.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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