When you're a part of a group in any MMOG, how do you consider your
teammates? Are they on your team? Or is everyone out for their own
glory? Coyote's latest editorial addresses these questions and gives a
tongue-in-cheek rendition of what each and every "core" member of an
MMOG party thinks about. It's a hilarious take on the normal group
drama, so check it out!

style="font-style: italic;">From the Fighter’s
point of view: You're
the backbone. The no-guff-taking force behind any group. Let the finger
wagglers and the ass stabbers dodge and weave through battle - you
don't have time for sissy tactics. Sure you might have to take a few
punches for the good of the team, but they are YOUR team and by god
you're going to protect them. With your unstoppable might paired with a
reliable cleric there is no foe that you can't beat into submission or
obstacle that you can't chop your way through.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016