Many of you who have been following the progress of Tabula Rasa over
the last few weeks may recognize the buxom beauty, Sarah Marrison that
graces the TR official website, the box art, and even the top of our
Ten Ton Hammer TR Community Site. However, you may not know her name or
how she came to be the leader that she is portrayed as in the Tabula
Rasa intro movie. NCsoft has issued a public release of "Sarah
Begins...", a short tale fictive tale that takes us through the origins
of Tabula Rasa's cover girl. Ten Ton Hammer has posted the article for
your pleasure, so please enjoy the read!

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style="font-weight: bold;">Sarah Begins...

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The warmth coming from the embers felt good against her skin. 
Sarah Morrison was careful not to let the hot coals burst into flames,
for anything but a slight glow might give away her position. 
She had searched for nearly an hour before finding this spot and she
would be damned before she was going to go hunting for another one
before she was ready.  It’s not like eating roasted
calla root was any better than eating it raw, it was almost as
bitter.  The fire was more for warmth.  Foreas could
get pretty cold at night, and the glowing embers gave off just enough
heat to chase the chill away.

It was cold the night the Bane attacked, too.  A strange frown
crept across Sarah’s battle hardened face as she thought back
to a life that almost seemed like someone else’s. She
remembered regretting not grabbing a leather jacket before sneaking out
of the house that night.  She was 19 then, and like most 19
year olds, Sarah was more interested in having fun than arbitrary rules
regarding curfews.  Just because she was still living under
her dad’s roof while failing her way through college, just
because her three younger brothers had a curfew did not mean her father
had a right to limit her freedom.  But he tried.  He
just didn’t like her friends, she thought to herself as she
slipped through the window, silently creeping along the far wall of the
house into the backyard.  She had become very skilled at
getting out unnoticed, something she had been very proud of at the

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Sarah and her father had just finished their weekly argument about her
“poor choices in friends.”  Movie night
had been a tradition in the family since before her mother had
died… one her father was very careful to continue every
week.  It’s not that it wasn’t
enjoyable.  She loved spending time with her younger
brothers.  But she was young and the night was full of
adventures.  Plus, her friends would think she was a loser if
she stayed home to hang out with her family when she could be off
getting into trouble with them.  So she stormed off to her
room, as had become her weekly ritual.  Once she heard the
opening credits of the movie from the other room, she was
out.  Free to do whatever she pleased.  Once clear of
her house, Sarah slowed her pace and smiled as she approached the
street corner where Alicia would pick her up.  There was a
cool band playing downtown in a club they could always manage to sneak
into without being carded, just by flirting with the doorman. 
She looked up into the clear night sky, and thought she saw a meteor
streak by.  At the time, she remembered something about that
being a good omen.  Apparently, it wasn’t.

The low hum of a Bane drop ship snapped Sarah out of her trip down
memory lane.  She closed her blue eyes and just
listened.  From the sound of it, it was still pretty far out,
and that was a good thing because it meant a few more minutes off her

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Not that she wasn’t used to sleepless nights
and endless hikes.  Her training in the AFS taught her how to
get places unnoticed, and she excelled at it.  But
it’s kind of hard not to be noticed when you arrive on a
transport ship with the rest of the squad.  So on most
missions she traveled alone, under any cover she could find. 
And honestly, she preferred it that way.  She liked the people
she was fighting alongside, and they liked her.  But she never
really let herself get close to anyone.  Not since that
fateful night.  Sarah traveled light when she was on a
mission, taking only what she needed, and found everything else she
needed along the way.  Like dinner.  She grimaced as
she finished off the rest of the calla root and washed it down with the
last of her water.  She would need to find more of that
soon.  She marveled sometimes at how resilient she had become
since all this began.  To think she was once afraid of
spiders.  That kind of thing loses its meaning once you have
to snack on them to survive.  The war changed
everything.  Who she was now was nothing like the person she
left behind on a scorched Earth after the invasion.

She grew up in middle class suburbia, her dad worked as an engineer and
her mother had stayed at home with the kids… well, at least
before she died.  Rebecca Morrison had been the perfect
picture of a homemaker, but was taken from her family by a brain tumor
when Sarah was twelve.  She had tried to fill her
mother’s shoes for a while, taking care of her younger
brothers and the household.  But Sarah was a tomboy at heart,
much more comfortable climbing trees and hanging out with her brothers,
so the apron strings never felt right.  By the time she was in
high school, she spent more and more time away from home.  To
her, home became a place to crash after the party was over, and though
she remained close to her brothers, increasing arguments over
plummeting grades, her choice of friends, and delinquent behavior put a
strain on her relationship with her father.

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Sarah and her father never had the chance to reconcile. 
During the first wave of attacks the night of the Invasion, she was
hiding in the lower level of a parking garage with strangers while her
childhood home was incinerated; her father and brothers trapped
inside.  By the time she managed to get home, nothing was left
but ash and charred bodies.

Sarah inhaled sharply and pushed the thoughts of that night out of her
mind.  Over the subsequent weeks, many more people died as
Thrax patrols scoured the area for survivors.  Alicia
didn’t make it.  No one she knew did.  As
far as she could tell, that life and the people who were in it were
gone forever.  Today, not even two years later, Sarah Morrison
was a Sergeant in the AFS, on her way to infiltrate a Bane
outpost.  Her goal was to push the bastards back a few
steps.    Every inch of ground she covered
was another inch closer to home.  Every Bane base she helped
overtake and every Bane she killed was a step closer to
freedom.  She tossed dirt on the glowing embers, snuffing out
their warmth, and checked her rifle before slinging it, and her blade,
over her shoulder.  “No rest for the
wicked,” she thought as a smirk spread across her
face.  Indeed, there would be no rest for any of them for
quite a while.

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