Looking for more information on The Secret World's crusader faction of the Templars? GameSpot recently got the to speak with game director Ragnar Tornquist about the faction that doesn't just fight the war on evil, they are the war on evil. Templars are the most open of the three societies. They don't hide who they are or that they have power. The Templars have been the dominate force in the secret world for some time, but arrogance has hurt them in the past and some are looking to change the organization's ways. That's where the chosen Templar initiates come in.

The Templars are quite arrogant. After dominating much of the secret world for most of the past millennium, this cockiness has hurt them in the past. But there's pressure from within their own ranks to change with the times--to adapt to the new world order--and this dynamic plays a big part in the Templars' story mission. As an initiate of the order, you'll definitely see for yourself how these guys operate, and you'll be able to use their methods to get the information you need. But, yes, they definitely use their massive might to get what they need, and players will get to experience that for themselves.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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