EverQuest II's 5th expansion has gone live, and with it you will see some very good updates for all:

An all new map system has been added for all players.

All of your characters will now receive a 10% experience bonus for each character at the maximum level. (Up to 50% max). You’ll also receive a tradeskill experience bonus for each character at the maximum tradeskill level. Your current experience bonus will be displayed on the character selection screen. This experience bonus can be disabled on a per-character basis by right-clicking on the experience bar.

Of course, the princess of this ball is the expansion itself which has features that will make every fan drool!

New players and veterans alike can journey through a massive amount of exquisite content unlike anything ever before seen in EverQuest II. The latest expansion provides content for players level 50-80, including more than 20 new zones and an achievement point increase to 200.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016