Do you live in your Mom’s basement and force her to make you
Hot Pockets? Are you afraid to venture outside, or do you have no real
life friends? The grand majority will answer these questions with a
resounding no. However despite the fact that none of these descriptions
apply to the majority of  World of Warcraft players, this is
how many people view them. Join Mem as he explores
the stereotypes attached to playing WoW, what perpetuates
them, and how these myths can be dispelled.

With the media
apparently embracing the concept it makes it easy for
people to lay the blame for all their problems or the problems of their
loved ones on the game instead of where it really belongs; on
themselves. Are you anti-social, suicidal, refuse to work, or force
your Mom to bring you a bedpan so you can continue playing, or any
other number of negative traits? Don’t worry, it’s
probably the games fault, and of course if you play the game well then
there just has to be something wrong with you.

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target="_blank">The Stigma of
Playing WoW.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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