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Nicholas the Traveler is located at: Haiju Lagoon (Factions) collecting 1 Gold Crimson Skull Coin.

ArenaNet is currently at Comic-Con 2010. For more details about their location be sure to look here.

Lead Designer Fields Ranger Questions is a pretty popular article this week since we did not get a new reveal or anything else much since ANet is busy with Comic-Con.

John Stumme will be taking over as the live team lead while Linsey Murdock moves on to a different posistion within the studio.

This Week in Tyria

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Hail loyal soldiers of Ascalon! It is Prince Rurik here with this week's tip:

Be sure to properly price check every item. Failing to do so may result in letting go of a rare item for way less or perhaps purchasing something that's inexpensive for a lot more than it is worth.


Featured Content:

For the release of the first novel set in the Guild Wars 2 universe, Ghosts of Ascalon, ArenaNet has also given fans a sneak peak into the major regions of Tyria and how they've changed since the original Guild Wars by providing a new world map. While many of the marked locations no doubt tie directly into the storyline of the new novel, this new map of Tyria still sheds plenty of light on the size and scope of the world as players will experience it in the upcoming MMOG.

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Guild Wars 2 Ranger Class Reveal Analysis

The Ranger is the latest profession to join the lineup in Guild Wars 2. The latest GW2 reveal outlines the Ranger as pretty much the same profession as Guild Wars, except this time they have more focus on melee, better pets, and a lot more. Join us as we discover what the latest reveal means when it comes to these ranged wonders.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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