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I have picked five
that I have heard
in various situations that I participate in. The first is
things you hear in raids that make you cringe. Most of these
come from PUG groups, as I tend to raid with my guild on my two mains
and PUG with my 3 alts, so I get plenty of opportunities to hear
something absurd. Although, the same can happen in guild runs
too. Just not as frequently, or at least I hope!

After talking about raids, I am
going to look at heroics and the
hilarity that ensues there. For some reason everyone now
believes they are entitled to skip gearing up in normal instances and
it has brought a whole new low level of players into the
game. Lastly I look at things that you hear in battlegrounds
(PvP). While PvP is one of my least favorite parts of the
game, I still jump in every once in a while and some of the things I
see are enough to keep me away for a while after it.

Worst Things to Hear in a Raid

  • AFK
    to go make dinner
    - So let me
    get this right, you joined
    a group of 9 or 24 other players and now expect them to wait for you
    because you didn’t plan far enough ahead to either eat first,
    after, or not join at all knowing you were going to be busy?

  • Can
    someone explain this fight please, I don't know it
    (coming from the main tank or raid leader)

    - This is a
    completely understandable comment coming from almost anyone in the
    group other than the main tank or raid leader. Everyone
    needs to learn the fights at some point and there is no shame in saying
    that you don't know how the fight works. However,
    when you are the main tank or raid leader you are expected to do your
    homework up front and come in knowing what you need to do.

  • Who
    is the other healer(s)?
    Usually heard after
    the first boss pull when a healer is getting extremely stressed out and
    having a hard time keeping the tank alive. Also commonly heard
    in 10 man PUG groups as typically someone forgets to get a second
    healer or the second healer goes stealth DPS. If the main
    healer is really good, you will survive, if not, you're
    running back. Either way this is not something you want to
    hear, everything should be settled early.

  • Our
    main tank has to go, we are going to reschedule for later this week

    - This inevitably again happens in PUGs, usually just after
    you have downed the first boss and are now saved to the raid for the
    week. It really amazes me how little consideration some
    players have for everyone else. They do realize this is an
    MMO and there are other “real people” at the other
    end of that magic wire that connects to the intranet thingy,
    right? Guess not.

  • What's
    my class's hit cap (defense cap, expertise
    cap, etc)?
    - While it's nice
    that the player is
    smart enough to know there is a cap and that they should aim to get to
    it, if you are in a raid, shouldn't you already be at
    it? The one exception here is starting raids, so right now
    that would mean going into Naxx, VOA, and probably even Ulduar 10
    man. Going into a progression raid and not being at your
    class's max for the best stats for you is not looking to raid
    well. You have lots of time doing heroics and low level raids
    to get enough gear to hit the caps. You can usually hit them
    with just a few badge pieces and a 4-5k spent on the AH.

Five Worst Things to Hear
in an Instance or Heroic

Here are just a few of the
horrible things that you can hear in an
instance or heroic. Some you will hear while levelling, some
while in a heroic version at 80. Some of the things that I
have heard over my time playing WoW make me seriously wonder about the
gene pool out there. In general, random groups for instance
are far worse than raids as they are easier to get into. Many
players don't even know what a raid is!

  • Don't
    be mad if I suck I just dinged 80 yesterday

    - If I had a quarter for everytime I heard that I would be
    rich. Just turning 80 is not an excuse for being
    horrible. I have gotten several of my DPS toons to 80 and
    done over 2k damage in a heroic in greens and blues. Poor
    gear is not an excuse for poor play.

  • Have
    Patience, I have never tanked before

    - This is acceptable
    at low levels, and even encouraged as we need more high level
    tanks. However when you hear this at level 80 in a heroic or
    a raid, you know it may be time to leave the instance.

  • Don't
    worry, I don't need to be specced Tank (or
    Healer) to be able to do this
    Ok, maybe this is technically true if
    you are severely overgeared and have a severely overgeared tank or
    healer with you as well (whichever the player is not).
    However, if any of the group is not geared very well and the group is
    slow it's just not always possible to do it. When you sign
    up to do something, please be ready to actually do it well!

  • I
    just joined for the badges, I'm going AFK for a while, be
    back for final boss
    - Players
    have started to see this more
    and more often lately. For the last several months,
    essentially since ICC launched, heroics have become so much of a joke
    that a good tank and healer combo can 2 man them, and with even
    somewhat decent gear you can three man them. Players have
    picked up on this and are now AFKing for 90% of the instance and just
    coming back for the end. With the 15 minute timer before you
    can kick someone, you have already done most instances by the time you
    can kick the player.

  • If
    the healer would just do their job I don't need a shield
    to tank
    - What are they
    While levelling many players are seeing more and more Paladins and
    Warriors that seem to believe they can tank without a shield.
    While technically possible, it is insanely hard on the healer, and they
    generate less threat. When signing up to tank as one of these
    classes, please do it properly. Making everyone
    else's life hard is not very friendly.

Five Worst Things to Hear
in Battlegrounds

  • What's
    - There are
    players out there that do not even understand the basic stats in the
    game? Worse yet they want to group with other players and try
    to contribute to something constructive. When you play any
    game you owe it to yourself to understand the mechanics of the
    game. When you play an MMOG you owe it to everyone to know
    what you are doing before you join a group.

  • Let's
    just loose fast to get the tokens

    Thankfully this is now gone. Hurray! This was one
    of the most annoying things I have seen in any game. In other words,
    going into
    a group situation just to lose on purpose so that they can get gear
    through token turn in.

  • Player
    X has disconnected
    - Maybe it's
    just me but
    for some reason the flag carriers always seem to disconnect. Then you
    the same player again later in a different BG and it happens again.
    Really people, if your internet is not reliable find something else to
    do, other people are relying on you.

  • Never
    been here, what do I do?
    Again, by itself not bad, as
    everyone has to start somewhere. However, this is also usually
    the player with horrible gear and no PvP gear, not knowing what it
    is. Just as in a raid, you really owe it to everyone else to
    know the basics about an instanced zone (which is what BGs
    essentially are) before you waste everyone else's time.

  • All
    my gear is broken
    - Why do
    players insist on not being
    ready when they come into a BG? Part of the basics of
    anything you do, in game or in real life is to come prepared.
    Please take the time to be ready with the absolute basics.

Other Worst Things to Hear

The above lists are just a
small portion of the various things that we have
all heard in World of Warcraft
that have made us
cringe. Now it's your turn to submit the ones that
have made you cringe. While the ones listed here are just one
liners, feel free to jump on our forums and submit more of the same or
complete stories of events that make any sane, thinking player shudder.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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