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Lots of Them, in

By Shayalyn

Each week our staff is charged with writing an article that fits a
certain theme common across all the Ten Ton Hammer network sites, from

EVE Online to World of Warcraft. Sometimes, when I see the weekly topic
coming up, I cringe and wonder how I'm going to apply that topic to
Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO). This week we're asked to discuss
“fluff,” or non-leveling content in our respective games. Yep, that's a
truly cringe-worthy topic when it comes to DDO. “Where's the fluff?” I
asked my writers in despair. They unanimously replied, “There really
isn't any; you're out of luck.” And since I couldn't convince any of
them to write this article for me, the following is my own feeble

The truth of the matter is, DDO isn't a particularly fluffy game. There
are no player-versus-player (PvP) PvP arenas, because there is no
PvP.  At this time, there's no crafting, either. Neither PvP nor
crafting is an essential part of the pen-and-paper (PnP) game, Dungeons
& Dragons, which DDO strives to emulate. I could easily write about
what's not in DDO from that angle, but I've already said all that needs
to be said--there's no PvP or crafting, and that's that.

Then finally it dawned on me; there is something in Stormreach that
doesn't relate directly to leveling--the taverns. Just like in a
well-played D&D campaign, there are taverns in DDO, and local
barkeeps and patrons to chat up. Sure, taverns ultimately lead to
quests, and that's related to leveling...but work with me here a bit,

The first tavern you'll encounter in Stormreach, once you get past the
initial newbie training area, is the Wavecrest. As with any good
tavern, you'll be greeted by the strains of music and the chatter of
patrons as you enter. At the bar, you'll meet Sigmund Bauerson, the
tavern owner. He's got goodies for you to purchase, from stew to
bubbling brown froth, which will help you regenerate your energy and
stamina a bit quicker. But he's going to want you to do a chore for
him, first. Fetch him a cask of Old Sully's Grog from the cellar and
you'll be his friend for life. You'll also find brother Augustus, the
enigmatic holy man who wants you to investigate a decidedly unholy
artifact, and Aida the bar wench, who has lost a necklace in the
cellar, waiting to talk to you. And, of course, there are plenty of
tavern patrons to chat with, each offering some insight into the people and
places of Stormreach.

href=""> alt="Inside The Leaky Dinghy"
style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 113px;" align="left"
hspace="5" vspace="5">Outside the port and onward into Stormreach
Harbor you'll find, you guessed it, more taverns. So far I've been able
to explore two—The Leaky Dinghy and The Wayward Lobster. Both
establishments have a similar look, but a very different flavor. The
Leaky Dinghy, located on a platform high above the waters of the
harbor, is lit by lanterns and not hard to miss. Something about it
feels, well, lofty. (I know, I know...bad pun.) The Lobster has a shady
feel, as though perhaps it is home to smugglers and lowlifes. It could
have something to do with its location, hidden away in a back alley, or
it could have something to do with the class of people you'll meet
within its walls.

Certainly there are many more taverns to explore in Stormreach—my
adventuring during the DDO beta just scratched the surface. And no,
taverns aren't exactly fluff in DDO; you'll find many people there,
while you're enjoying a drink and a bite to eat, who have quests for
you, as well as many folks who wish to join you on your adventures. But
some of what goes on in taverns doesn't specifically relate to gaining
levels—they're a good place to just hang out, meet people, and listen
to a little lute music as you sip an ale.

Ah, who am I kidding? Can you keep a secret? Okay, here goes: if you
want to level up in DDO, you're going to find yourself in plenty of
taverns. Taverns are where it's at. Honestly, when it comes to this
game, I just can't find anything that doesn't relate to making progress
as an adventurer. My idea for discussing fluff is a lame attempt at
jamming important DDO content into the framework of an article concept
that doesn't fit this game.

Just don't tell my boss, okay?

you think of something "fluffy" about DDO?

it in our FORUM and prove me wrong!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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