How did you come into the Vanguard Saga of Heroes community? Did you venture into the official forums first or try out a smaller fansite? What about the other games you play? Have you felt the love of your fellow players on these official boards or quite the opposite? Today AnomalousSilence takes a look at current trends in the posting on official forums. The good the bad and the truly ugly...

“WTF!!! omgz Blizzard joo sux!!! wtf is w/ the shaman nerfs?!?11 nerf priests
“Go suck a Tauren, n00b.”

“SOE is all about the $$!!!!! They dun care about teh player base!!!! [email protected]#& you, SOE! Im leaving.”
“Can I have ur stuff? lol”

“Hi. I’m new here and was curious as to when Vanguard is going to release. I am so siked for this game. I’m playin WoW ATM.”
“Use the search engine! N00B!
/thwapp :P”

These are examples of the common official message board behavior of MMORPGs.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016