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In Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard has
taken the once docile vanity pet and turned him (or her) into a lean,
mean, fighting machine. Where once was a showpiece for your character
stands a battle hardened pet ready to take on any foes that stand
before him. While many vanity pets were well prepared for this
transition, there are a few who will never quite look the part.
Perhaps the innate cuteness of these pets is an evil plot to lull us
into complicity before destroying us all. All we know is that these
little critters are almost too cute to be doing battle.

Below you will find our list of the
least ferocious battle pets out there. The ones who will never
inspire terror in the hearts of their enemies by looks alone. Check
these five cute balls of cuteness below:

Top 5 Cutesy Battle Pets That Won't
Inspire Fear in Enemies

Sea Pony

Seahorses are adorable little
underwater critters that most people love to love. Looking upon these
critters inspires no fear in the hearts of most people and its in
game counterpart is much the same. Even if the Sea Pony pet might
have been slightly intimidating under the water, taking this pet out
of its natural habitat and adding a bubble doomed has doomed this pet
to it's fate of cuteness. The Sea Pony will never win any battles by
looks alone, however, it does pose an interesting conundrum; how
exactly does its attacks penetrate the bubble surrounding it without
popping it?

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In case you weren't aware, a fawn is a
baby deer. That's right ladies and gentleman, a tiny, adorable, white
spot covered baby deer. These creatures are probably one of the least
menacing baby animals on the planet. So unable to defend themselves
they spend most of their days hiding in high grass hoping that no one
finds them. Sure we can pretend that what happens in game is not
necessarily true to life, but whenever I go head to head with a Fawn
pet I am always going to go awwww. Then immediately after feel
terrible for attacking Bambi.

Singing Sunflower

Flowers manage to be pretty un-scary on
their own. There are some, like the Venus flytrap, that are kind of
creepy, however, for the most part we typically find flowers to be
pretty enjoyable. So it stands to reason that if one challenged you
to battle, you would be just a bit entertained by the though. Slap a
smiley face on that thing and it becomes downright hilarious.

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Gusting Grimoire

Taking this battle pet seriously when
you first see it is almost impossible. Worse than a baby deer and the
happy sunflower, the Gusting Grimoire is dun dun dun....a book. While
the Grimoire is obviously enchanted with some badass spells of some
sort and has the ability to float, the fact still remains that this
is a book. I don't know about you, but never before has the sight of
a book caused me concern, unless of course it was my math book in
high school. The Gusting Grimoire is an excellent battle pet,
however, don't expect it to win any costume contests for scariest


The final pet to make the list really
doesn't need explanation. There is nothing that quite induces the aww
reflex in people like a cute fluffy rabbit. While rabbits do have
large teeth, any fear they might inspire is lost when you look upon
those big helpless eyes and oh so pettable fur. Seriously, just look
at it. While the Rabbit pet may have some pretty devastating in-game
abilities, one thing is for sure, it will never be known for its
ferocious appearance. Never will a fellow Pet Battler run in fear
from the sight of your Rabbit, although they may ask to pet it.

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That concludes our list of the top five
cutesie battle pets that won't be able to inspire fear in your
enemies with looks alone. While these pets may indeed be fierce
competitors, at first glance all we want to do is give them a big old
hug. What are some battle pets you have seen that are just way to
cute to be death dealing machines? Share them with us in the comments
section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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