plays a major part in
World of Warcraft. Players use crafting professions to outfit and
empower their characters as well as fatten their purses. So when a new
expansion is announced, that is sure to shake the world of crafting up
at least a bit, we hold our breath and wonder what exactly Blizzard
will have in store for us.

With the Mists of Pandaria beta
reaching its peak, Blizzard has revealed much of what it has in store
for crafting professions in World of Warcraft. While some changes
won’t be welcome, players should find more than enough good
alterations to negate the bad. Focusing on the good to be had in the
upcoming crafting changes in Mists of Pandaria I am pleased to share
with you my personal top 5 personal crafting changes! Read onward to
see if they match up with your own!

Top 5 Mists of Pandaria
Crafting Profession Changes

New Enchants

Having an Enchanter myself, one
of my favorite things in new expansions is the brand new enchants that
I will get to learn. Cataclysm was a bit lackluster in this department,
but it appears that Mists of Pandaria may prove to be far more
interesting. With a slew of common and rare enchants already released
and the possibility of more before the expansion finally hits stores,
it seems that Enchanters will have much to look forward

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powerful enchants will be the hallmark of Enchanters in Mists of

Not that impressed with just
the promise of new enchants? Then you may want to check out the stats
on these new enchants. With +1,000 or more to stats on all the rare
enchants, they are
powerful beyond any Enchanter’s wildest
dreams, or at least my dreams. I for one am looking forward to using
and selling these new enchants when Mists of Pandaria finally goes

Engineering Scopes

Engineering has long been the
laughing stock of the crafting world. Lauded by Blizzard as a purely
“fun” profession, Engineers across the board have
been clamoring for more serous items in their arsenal. Mists of
Pandaria may finally offer somewhat of a solution to this problem with
the introduction of two new scopes; the Mirror Scope and (my personal
favorite) Lord Blastington’s Scope of Doom exclusively made
by Engineers. While the stats on these scopes are not what I would call
impressive, I continue to hold on to hope that once the new expansion
is released these scopes will give Engineers something of substance to
create. Engineering has been merely a joke profession for far to long.

Jewelcrafting Mounts
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mounts will likely be gold sinks much like their predecessors.

If you were in love with the
Engineer’s Mechano-hog then you will be pleased to learn that
in Mists of Pandaria at least five new mounts will be headed our way,
this time crafted by the Jewelcrafting profession. All ground mounts of
the panther variety it is likely that, like the Mechano-hog before it,
these new mounts will be a gold sink of epic proportions. With that
being said, I am always open for a good gold sink, and there is just
something satisfying parading around on a mount that took more than a
lucky roll to obtain.

Bind-on-Account Inscription
Staves and Off-Hands

Those who take on the
Inscription profession have always had the pleasure of creating little
items along the way. Sometimes good enough to use for a short time,
overall, the profession still focused mainly on glyphs as it should. In
Mists of Pandaria glyphs will still be the star of the show when it
comes to Inscription, however, it will have to share the stage at least
for a moment. In the newest expansion those who are proficient in
Inscription will be able to created staves and other off-hands that are
(drum roll please) bind-on-account. To top it off these new items can
be upgraded from rare to epic quality making them even more interesting
and something to definitely get excited about.

Cooking Specializations

While just a minor crafting
profession, Cooking is a crafting profession nonetheless and thus this
change manages to make my top 5list. Not to mention the fact that I
have always been a fan of the various profession specializations and
was sad to see them removed from the game. I thought it helped to add a
little variety to the world of crafting. So when it was data mined that
Cooking would have the option of specializations I was overjoyed. While
there is not much information out there about how these specializations
work we know you can train in as many specializations as you like,
training will take place in Halfhill Market on Pandaria, and players
will increase their specializations with skill ups from daily Cooking
quests. How this will play out in the live version of Mists of Pandaria
remains to be seen, however, I for one think it is worth getting
excited about.

What are your favorite crafting
changes coming to Mists of Pandaria? Which are your least favorite?
What changes and additions would you like to see that are not yet
mentioned? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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