Achievements are one of those
things in World of Warcraft that players just can’t agree
upon. Some players love them and can’t get enough, while
others wish they had never been added to the game. On the subject of
achievements there seems to be little middle ground to stand on. I
personally happen to be on the love side of the coin and if you are
like me, the prospect of new achievements in Mists of Pandaria is more
than a tiny bit exciting.

If you are lucky enough to have
the Mists of Pandaria beta, you have the advantage of looking over
these achievements before they actually go live. Perhaps, like myself,
you have already created a short list of those “must
do” achievements you have come across. Below you will find my
top 5 must do achievements, read onward to compare it with your own and
perhaps discover a few more for your own list. Enjoy!

Top 5 Must Do Mists of
Pandaria Achievements

Wild Pet Tamer

If there is one thing I love
more than achievements, it is vanity pets. In Mists of Pandaria, vanity
pets will become more than a show piece. In fact player’s
will be able to send them into battle against other player’s
pets as well as Master Pet Tamers. Players may challenge these Master
Pet Tamers, Pokemon style, to earn glory, new opportunities, as well as
other rewards.

The Wild Pet Tamer achievement
is a meta achievement that is the highlight of these battles against
the Master Pet Tamers. Asking players to head out into the various
parts of the world, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms, and
even Pandaria, the achievement requires the players to defeat all of
the Master Pet Tamers in all of these areas in order to be considered
complete. In my exuberance for the new pet battles, getting out there
and doing battle against these tamers is something that I, and any
other player serious about pet battles, can pass up.

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Green Acres

Nearly everyone has been
addicted to the fantastically popular game Farmville at some point in
time. There is just something satisfying about tending, growing, and
harvesting crops, while adding random objects to your farm at the same
time. It is no surprise that Blizzard has latched onto this idea in
Mists of Pandaria and added something similar into the game.

By gaining reputation with the
new Mists of Pandaria faction; the Tillers, players may start and tend
their very own farm inside the game. While I may eventually be forced
to eat my words, I for one, cannot wait to dig in my hoe and get to
work. Thus this first achievement, Green Acres, that requires players
to successfully harvest their first crop easily makes my list of
“must dos”.

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Ling-Ting’s Herbal

One of my personal favorite
type of achievements to complete are those found within the various
dungeons and raids found throughout the word. Mists of Pandaria will
undoubtedly give us a variety of these achievements to pick and choose
from at will. However, one in particular caught my eye while browsing.
In this particular achievment, players will need to head into the
Stormstout Brewery where they will need to seek out 30 Golden Hoplings
that are hidden around the instance. Is the prospect of hunting golden
rabbits not exciting enough for you? Then consider this; upon
completion of the achievement players will gain their very own Hopling
pet. Needless to say, this Mists of Pandaria achievement quickly made
its way onto my personal must do list.

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To All The Squirrels I Once

What better way can any World
of Warcraft player spend their time than traversing the world using the
/love emote on random critters? Absolutely none in my humble opinion
and apparently this holds true for more than a few other players as
well. The fourth of its kind, To All the Squirrels I Once Caressed?,
once again sets us about the task we first started with To All the
Squirrels I’ve Loved Before. The only downside to this
achievement is that instead of the typical 4-5 critters typically
required, we will only need to share our love with two, the Coral Adder
and the Amethyst Spiderling to complete it. Despite this, To All The
Squirrels I once Caressed is high on my priority list when Mists of
Pandaria finally launches.

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Challenge Conqueror:

One of the other new additions
we will see in Mists of Pandaria is the implementation of Dungeon
Challenges. These challenges take up the banner of Stratholme and other
instances that boasted timed runs before them. Players who have taken
on timed runs in such instances know there is no greater rush than
completing an instance well before the time runs out. With Dungeon
Challenges players will be able to compete like this once again,
gaining either Bronze, Silver, or Gold, medals, plus other rewards
including the above listed achievements, for successful completion. I
for one cannot wait to test out my skills and the skills of a few
stalwart friends against the ever ticking time clock.

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Are any of the achievements
listed above on your must do list for Mists of Pandaria? What are some
of the achievements that you are determined to complete? Share your
thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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