Warlords of Draenor will introduce a plethora of brand new stuff for us to experience in game. The release of an expansion is always an exciting time. Especially so for those players, who like to collect mounts. You know, those handy dandy things we use to make our way around the world?

Brand new expansions usually bring about at least a few new mounts and Warlords of Draenor is no exception to the rule. In fact, this expansion will bring quite a few new mounts of all shapes and sizes. It seems that there is a little bit of everything to please just about anyone, no matter how discerning you may be about the mounts you ride. These mounts also come from various places including PvP, Achievements, and more.

Many of these mounts will instantly make our “must have list”. In fact, many of us will want to put the time into collecting them all, but where to start? In our opinion, start with those mounts that stand out above the rest and there are a few Warlords mounts that do just that. Check out our picks for the top 5 must have Warlords of Dreanor mounts along with a brief description of how to get them!

Please note that information here is subject to change until Warlords of Draenor is officially released and perhaps even after. None of the information on mounts found here can be 100% guaranteed.

Core Hound

We've killed them, skinned them, and even taken tiny ones as battle pets. However, no one has even ridden one. At least until now. While not directly linked to the expansion, this Core Hound mount will become available after Warlords is released and I say it is about time. These rather intimidating creatures are perfect for strapping a saddle on and wandering about the world at large.

A reward for World of Warcraft's 10th anniversary celebration, this mount is on a limited time schedule. Players wishing to collect this mount (and you should want to), need to defeat Ragnaros during the anniversary celebration. Don't forget, it needs to be the level 100 version of Ragnaros. No sneaking into Molten Core for an easy kill. Remember, this mount is ONLY available during the anniversary celebration, so make sure you get it before it is to late!


Trained Riverwallow

The Trained Riverwallow mount is a giant rideable hippopotamus mixed with an Ankylosaurus. If that doesn't sell you on this mount then let me say it again; this mount is a giant rideable hippo with some serious dinosaur qualities. While you might think this combination wouldn't work, somehow it does and the result is a glorious mount that will surely make collectors swoon.

Players who wish to obtain this mount will need to have a Stables Level 1 inside their Garrison. This mount will require you to capture the wild version of this mount and then complete a few quests to “train” them up. After training the mount will become yours and remain rideable even if you decide to demolish your Stables.

Armored Frostboar

The boars found inside have always been less than spectacular looking, at least in my personal opinion. In fact I have always thought they were rather ugly and unremarkable creatures. That opinion quickly changed after seeing the Armored Frostboar. Bigger, badder, and scarier than any boars we have currently seen in game, this mount will most certainly turn heads. This mount is without a doubt, a must have.

To get this delightfully beastly mount, players will need to turn to their Garrison. Here you will need to build a Stables which will open up a ton of new mounts that are all yours after completing some training exercises. However, none of these are the Frostboar. The Frostboar will only be awarded to players who complete all 6 Nagrand mount-in-training targets while carrying an item that makes defeating that target quite a bit harder. These items will spawn on the ground inside your Stables. A lot of work, but well worth it when you see your character perched on this mount.

Sunhide Gronnling

The Sunhide Gronnling is an interesting mount in that it isn't typically what we would consider a “beast”. If you remember the Gronn's from Outland, you will know they are a type of ogre. The Sunhide Gonnling comes from the same ilk as these. How exactly you go about getting one of these things to let you saddle up is beyond me, but in Warlords anything seems to be possible. I'm not complaining though, this mount is epic in the extreme.

The Sunhide Gronnling is a reward for players who defeat the corresponding rare spawn found throughout Draenor. These rares are, thankfully, more common than ones in the past. Not to mention that the first six mounts will be automatically received by every single player who participates in the kill. That is a 100% chance ladies and gentlemen. So while this mount won't be super easy to obtain, it isn't out of the question.

Grinning Reaver

While I am not a fan of buying mounts from the Blizzard Store, I am always impressed by them. This newest Blizzard Store mount is no different. Called the Grinning Reaver this mount resembles the bug mounts of the past, but infinity cooler. With armored legs, a grizzly mask, and wings that would make even the most stalwart being shudder, this mount is sure to be a favorite.

Of course, this mount is extremely easy to obtain being from the Blizzard Store. All it takes is a few clicks and 25 real life dollars and the Grinning Reaver will be all yours. When exactly this mount will be available is unknown, however, it will be during the Warlords expansion.

That wraps up our list of the top 5 must have Warlords of Dreanor mounts. Do any of these mounts catch your fancy? What Warlords mounts are on your personal must have list? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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