Blizzard's Public Test Realms,
otherwise known as the PTR, is where all patches make their first
appearance in World of Warcraft. This wondrous realm is open to all
players and is where all the little wrinkles are supposed to be
ironed out before the newest patch goes to live servers. While the
PTR is attractive to some players, the public test realms are still
something some players have avoided after all these years.

While it is true that the PTR has it
faults, I for one, firmly believe it is well worth trying out. Need
some convincing? Continue reading for my top five reasons you should
not only play on, but possibly even enjoy, the public test realms.

Top 5 Reasons to Play on The PTR

Glitches and Bugs

I know what you are thinking. How can
glitches and bugs be a positive thing? In fact, this may be one of
the main reasons you steer clear of the PTR. Instead of seeing the
glitches and bugs in the PTR as a hindrance, I like to think of them
as an extra part of the game. Trust me when I say that some epic
glitches and bugs present themselves on the public test realm that
you won't ever see make it to live servers. Ladies and gentlmen this
is the only time that Blizzard will appreciate you experimenting with
that boss exploit you found, right before you report it of course.

Improving World of Warcraft

This section could probably have been
combined with glitches and bugs above, but I felt they were both
important enough to hold their own on the list. The PTR is all about
improving the World of Warcraft experience. The more players on the
PTR, the more glitches and bugs are caught and we are saved from
experiencing them on live servers. Let's face it...not a single one
of us wants the newest boss to glitch out at 2% with all of our raid
alive. By participating in the PTR we can actively prevent things
like that from happening at least the grand majority of the time. In
a sense you are actually helping to shape the game and that is pretty
important, at least to me.

alt="Submit Bug Report" />

Fresh Content

Anyone who has played World of Warcraft
for any length of time has felt at least once that there is just
nothing left for them to do. Usually experienced at the end of an
expansion or while waiting on a new patch, content basically becomes
stagnant and players suffer. While this hasn't been much of a problem
in the newest expansion with patches flying at us faster than even
before, it could certainly happen happen again. Instead of signing
off WoW till something new hits live servers, this is a perfect
opportunity to cure your boredom by checking out the PTR. You will
get to experience the newest content available all within the game
you love. The best part? The PTR is constantly changing and updating
so things stay pretty fresh here and leave little room for boredom to
set in.

Learn Your Class

Changes to the various classes are one
of the most hotly debated changes out there. Players get more than alittle
heated when their class seems to be getting hit hard with the
nerf stick. The thing is, until you actually see these changes inaction,
you won't know how it will actually affect your character.
The PTR is the perfect chance for players to check out changes to their
class before they actually hit live servers. It is here if you
can see if that suppose nerf is actually as bad as it seems or turns out
to be a blessing in disguise. Even if you absolutely love all the
changes coming to your class, the PTR gives you the opportunity to
check them out before they hit live servers. This saves the
stress of
trying to figure out new talents or spells right before a raid or

alt="Patch 5.3 Class Changes" />

Instant Awesome

Ever wanted to log on to the game and
find that gear, gold, or playing skill didn't really matter? On the
PTR all of these things are basically true. Simply create a pre-made
character and you will be outfitted in awesome gear with your bags
full of goodies that you did absolutely no work for. Then choose a
server and take the character out for a spin. Try everything you have
already wanted to do any more without any tedious tasks like farming
or reputation grinding getting in your way. Playing on the PTR gives
you a pass to instant awesome and a freedom that you may otherwise
never experience.

That concludes my list of the top 5
reasons to play on the PTR. What are some of the reasons you play on
the PTR? What are some of the reasons you avoid it? Share your
thoughts with us using the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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