World of Warcraft is a strictly PC game. In the almost 10 years that it has existed, it has only been available in this form. While many are happy with this setup and would rail against WoW moving onto other systems, namely consoles, others do not hold the same views. In fact, there are many players that would love to see World of Warcraft come to the world of consoles.

Of course, Blizzard has already made it clear that this will likely never happen. While they often talk about it, it seems it is just to much of a complex endeavor, at least for now. However, despite their hesitance, the idea is always being talked about because it would likely be a great thing for World of Warcraft and here are five excellent reasons why:

Increased Player Numbers

As we are all aware, World of Warcraft subscription numbers have been falling. While we shouldn't jump directly on the “WoW is doomed” bandwagon just yet, it would be nice to see those numbers go back up. Introducing World of Warcraft to consoles could do exactly that.

Many gamers strictly play on one console or another, shunning PC games totally and vice versa. Opening up WoW to consoles would entice players who strictly play consoles to try out the game. Thus, in theory, refreshing World of Warcraft's lagging numbers.


Cross-Platform Play

One of the best things about games that cover multiple platforms is that you can often play with anyone, no matter their choice of system. Do you have that one friend who only players on PlayStation while you prefer your good old PC? Currently, this would mean that you and your PlayStation loving friend would never be able to enjoy World of Warcraft together.

We all know that playing with friends is one of the things that makes gaming fun. While you could just simply play another game, if you are truly in love with WoW, you may wish that you could play with your friends. All of your friends, regardless of their platform choice. Opening up World of Warcraft for consoles as well as PC would solve this issue. You could play with your friends and enjoy the same game at the same time, no matter which platform you prefer.

New Innovations

Many will argue that bringing a game to the console dumbs it down or somehow takes away from the game. However, Blizzard is well known for their innovations in the gaming world. Bringing WoW to console would give them a chance to do what they do best. While there are certainly restrictions based on each console system, it would be interesting to see how the developers worked around them and fashioned the game into a console game without losing the essence of it. The type of critical thinking and innovation behind this could provide the chance to see some super cool new things come out of this type of development.

Renewed Interest

As mentioned in the point above, World of Warcraft is losing numbers. While the game still has massive amounts of people playing it, pulling in new players just is not happening at the rates it used to. This is to be expected, at almost 10 years old, WoW is far from a spring chicken in the world of MMOs.


Reinventing the game for consoles would likely give WoW a much needed surge of life. While new expansions are exciting, a whole new way to experience the game is even more so. Old players might be enticed to come back and new players who favor consoles would flock to try out the game. Creating a WoW for consoles would likely breathe new life into the game and bring fresh blood into the player base.

Step Away From the Computer

If you are like me and many other adults, you spend most of your work day staring at a computer screen. This can get a little tedious and sometimes the last thing we want to do is go home and do the same exact thing. Or perhaps you just have had enough of the computer and are seeking out another type of gaming. Any change is welcome, even if it means just transferring to a different type of screen.

No matter what your reason for wanting away from the computer, it would be nice to have the option. Currently, if you want to play World of Warcraft, you are stuck at the computer. With that being said, allowing the game to move onto consoles would give fans another option. A chance to step away from the computer for a little while. A welcome relief for those who are looking for a much needed break

That wraps up our top five reasons why WoW should be brought to console. Would you personally like to see WoW become a cross-platform game? Why or why not? What consequences would it have, negative and positive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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