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Much to many fans chagrin, there will
be no new class in Warlords of Draenor. While this may seem like a
giant slap in the face to some, we can't forget that Warlords is far
from the last expansion to be released for World of Warcraft. In
fact, if the developers are to believed, there are many, many more to
come. This means that while we won't be seeing a new class in this
expansion, it is quite possible that future expansions will open
brand new classes to us.

With this in mind, we are left to
imagine what possibilities this might open to us in the future. What
classes might grace the landscape of World of Warcraft in expansions
to come? Here are our personal top 5 picks for classes we think
deserve to make it into the game. Enjoy!


If you aren't familiar with the Bard,
they are an unusual character class. Versatile, being capable of both
combat and magic use, Bards use their talent of song to produce
magical affects. While there are many casters inside World of
Warcraft, none are quite like the Bard.

Bard's are well known for producing
many ally boosting buffs, something that they could specialize in
inside theg ame. This would be far different from the standard DPS,
Tank, Healer role normally given to classes. I see the Bard as a
total support class, needed because of how heavily they can buff
their allies, while still able to do a bit of damage along the way.

Demon Hunter

While some may feel that the Demon
Hunter would be too closely related to the Hunter already found in
World of Warcraft, I can't help but disagree. While both would be
ranged classes wielding bows and arrows, the skills and spells each
use would be vastly different.

Perhaps introduced in an expansion
where the Burning Legions have once again returned, the Demon Hunter
would be reminiscent of the class we find in Diablo III. Filled with
traps, poisons, and other deadly abilities, the Demon Hunter would be
a master of stealth and hellbent on destroying demons. Demon Hunters
would be able to duel wield crossbows and would have no companion at
their side, preferring to work alone. Much like the Rogue, the Demon
Hunter would be a furious DPS powerhouse and an excellent addition to
the game.

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Every healing class in World of
Warcraft calls upon some kind of power, typically of the supernatural
sort, to provide healing to allies. This of course fits in with the
fantasy aspect of the game. However, I think it would be a nice
change to see some healing that comes from some good old-fashioned
know how. A Medic is the perfect choice for this. As seen in other
games, medics tend to use devices to heal and rely on medical
know-how instead of fancy spells.

How this would be represented in the
game is hard to say, however, the option would be nice. Much like the
Monk, Medics would be the perfect answer for players who hate full on
“casters”, yet wish to take on the role of a healer in game. The
best part about a Medic? It could potentially fit into any future
storyline that a new expansion might bring.


The Titanborn is one of those classes
that seems to pop up in every discussion about World of Warcraft. We
all know the Titans were a big part of the World of Warcraft
universe, heck they build the place. So far, we haven't seen much of
them, except for the evidence they have left behind. This leaves a
massive opening for an expansion pack to further explore these
metallic-skinned gods.

Titanborn could come from such an
expansion. We all know gods like to fool around with mortals, so it
stands to reason that there should be half mortal, half titan beings
in the world. Or perhaps the races of Azeroth could be offered the
chance to be empowered with Titan abilities. Titanborns should be
able to fill all three roles: DPS, Tank, and Healer, and should have
abilities that utilize the power of the cosmos. The possibilities are
limitless when it comes to this particular class idea.

alt="Titan Sentry" />

Dark Cleric

Drawing upon the idea of the Shadow
Priest, it would be a refreshing change to see a healer in the game
who does not rely on goodly magic to create their spells, healing or
otherwise. Instead, Dark Clerics would call upon darker powers to
provide healing and do damage. Perhaps even requiring living
sacrifices to conjure up some of their more powerful spells.

While some may claim that the Dark
Cleric would be too much like a Shadow Priest, I think that the two
would be different enough to let the class stand on its on. Unlike a
Shadow Priest, the Cleric would be able to heal, much like a Holy
Priest, but the healing would come from darker powers. Their spells
would also much more resemble the nefarious designs of the Warlock.
All in all, having a class capable of healing with the darkness of
the Death Knight or Warlock would be a refreshing change to the game.

That wraps up our top 5 picks for
classes we would like to see in World of Warcraft. Do any of these
classes make your list? What are your picks for classes you want to
eventually see in game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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