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Everyone knows that the bosses inside
World of Warcraft can be tough. Some have even managed to break apart
guilds and kill friendships. However, the bosses aren't always to
blame for the headaches produced by instances. As most players will
tell you sometimes it is not the bosses you have to worry about, but
the trash before (or after) the bosses that will truly test the
mettle of your group.

I know I personally have had many trash
pulls that were on par with if not way worse than the actual boss
itself. You know the ones I am talking about...those that give you
the urge to facepalm and shudder just by thinking of them. I have dug
through the musty files of my memory and browsed various websites and
forum posts to put together a listing of the “best” of these
super bad trash pulls. Check out the list below to see if they match
up with your own personal list:

Top 5 Worst Headache Inducing Trash
Pulls in World of Warcraft

Molten Core – Giants

As we all know the Molten Core was the
first real raid instance that players had the chance to dig into all
those years ago and it was HARD. From start to finish Molten Core
tested raiders with it's overload of trash, difficult bosses and
sheer size. You were “1337” if you could finish this instance in
one night. While the entire instance could be considered one giant
headache of trash, the first two giants guarding the entrance really
manage to stand out here.

Hitting like trucks with a ton of
health, these two molten beauties would ultimately determine if your
raid would be going any further into the Molten Core. I can't even
tell you how many times I had a raid wipe to these and my guild
wasn’t the only one. Even now these giants manage to make most
players think twice before pulling them and for this reason they
easily earn a spot on this best of the worst list.

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Icecrown Citadel – Blood Quarter

Icecrown Citadel will always be one of
my personal favorite instance, however, some of the trash made me
nerd rage more than a little. The best example of this presented
itself in the Blood Quarter where you found groups of mobs that
stabbed, sapped, bubbled, and of course healed their way into one
giant headache. CC worked here, but have a player off the mark, not
enough crowd control to go around, or any other small mishap, and
this could easily turn into one giant debacle of doom.

Blackwing Lair – Suppression Room

It can be said that if you never got to
experience the Suppression Room in Blackwing Lair back in the day
then you truly have not experienced a true trash headache. Filled
with mobs and Suppression Devices that give off an aura reducing
movement, attack speed, and cast time, plus a boss at the very end,
this room was made with the sole purpose of torturing players.
Basically Rogues had to deactivate the Suppression Devices while your
group navigated themselves precariously along the side of the room
while wiping out groups of mobs that would respawn behind you. Leave
a player behind and you would need to re-clear, steer too far off the
path and more mobs would set upon you, go to far and you would active
the boss. The Suppression Room was one of those trash pulls that no
player who has experienced it will ever forget or ever want to do

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Magister's Terrace – Kael'thas Trash

Magister's Terrace is a 5-man instance
located on the lovely Isle of Quel'Danas. If you are wondering what a
5-man instance is doing on this list then you obvious have never
experienced the trash in this particular instance at the correct
level. Almost every single pull had the potential for devestation
unless your group acted out its part correctly. However, the real
test of the instance was that one trash pull right before reach
Kael'thas. This pack of six (now five) mobs can contain a combination
of eight different mobs all of which have totally annoying abilities.
The worst part? This entire pack resets unless you manage to kill all
the mobs in the ground.

Sunwell – All Trash

Sunwell easily tops my list of my all
time favorite instances. I loved the bosses but when I try to think
about the trash inside I draw a huge blank. Apparently this is for a
good reason because after thinking back and reading other accounts it
was plain terrible. Huge packs of mobs, wandering bots, and scouts
that would run ahead and announce your arrival so a whole army of
things ready to kill you were assembled are just a few reasons why
Sunwell trash makes this list.

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Do any of the trash pulls above match
up with those on your personal list of worst ever? Which World of
Warcraft trash pulls can strike fear into your heart just by the mere
thought of them? Share your headache inducing trash pulls in the
comment section below, we love to hear from you!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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