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Back in the olden days of World of
Warcraft, the Moonkin was unable to mount. A tragedy if there ever
was one. Tauren, who are nothing more than overgrown cattle, were
able to mount. So, restricting these gentle featured giants from the
same privileges just wasn't fair. Blizzard agreed and Moonkin were
finally allowed to ride mounts in all their featured glory.

Of course, even though Moonkin are
regal creatures of the wild, they are also undeniably funny. This is
especially true when they mount up. You see, some mounts just weren't
designed for such large and featured creatures and when a Moonkin
decides to climb aboard, hilarity ensues. Some mounts are, of course,
more entertaining than others to watch the Moonkin ride.

So, to bring a smile to your face and
more laughter into the world, we have compiled the top five most
hilarious Moonkin ground mount choices for your pleasure. Enjoy and
look for our top five most hilarious Moonkin flying mount choices
sometime in the near future!


The Hawkstrider is, as you may already
know, the Blood Elves' racial mount. Based off the mythical
cockatrice, the Hawkstrider are birds with long legs, a thin curved
beak, and vibrant plumage. Blood Elves look great on the backs of
these dignified birds. Then you mount up a Moonkin on a Hawkstrider
and things go from dignified to absurd.

While the Hawkstrider is a larger bird,
it isn’t even close to the size of the giant Moonkin. This animal,
which easily carries most other races, looks like it may fall and be
crushed by the giant owl-chicken. Riding this mount around in Moonkin
form is sure to produce more than a few chuckles. Don't believe me?
Check out the imagine below and try not to smile:

alt="Moonkin Hawkstrider" />

Water Strider

Another strider makes the list of
mounts that look ridiculous with Moonkins astride of them. The water
strider is a ground mount that are purchasable from the Anglers and
allow the player to walk on water while riding them. These mounts are
pretty pleasing to look at and also compliment almost every single
race in the game. Except of course when you put a Moonkin on top of

When mounted on a Water Strider the
Moonkin hardly looks mounted at all. From a frontal view, it almost
looks like the Moonkin simply grew a set of four bug legs. Looking
closer, you can't help but feel bad for this little bug, who appears
to be having it's head squished by the giant being on it's back. How
the Water Strider still manages to walk on water with a Moonkin
riding it is a miracle in itself.

alt="Water Strider Moonkin" />


If you've ever wondered what it would
look like if you jumped aboard that Big Wheel from your childhood,
look no further. The Trike is the Goblin racial mount and is a
three-wheeled vehicle similar to the Mekigineer's Chopper,
Mechanohog, and the real life Big Wheel. This little beauty is small,
low to the ground, and works perfectly for the Goblin race.

For the Moonkin, however, the Trike is
a lesson in mirth. With legs hanging out unnaturally from the sides,
it looks like this mount may be powered much like the Flintstone's
vehicles. It also appears that the Moonkin may simply snap the
handles off this vehicle like tiny twigs. The fun doesn't end there.
You may find yourself wondering how exactly the Moonkin fit it's
rather large backside into such a little space. Not to mention, how
exactly does it plan to get out? I don't know the answer, but somehow
it happens.

alt="Trike Moonkin" />

Magic Rooster

What is more ridiculous than a
Boomchicken riding a chicken? Absolutely nothing. Especially when the
Moonkin is at least twice the size of the chicken it is riding. Such
is the case when it comes to the Magic Rooster mount in game. So
absurd is it to look upon, it almost feels like the Magic Rooster
should be riding the Moonkin instead.

These spiffy mounts are only obtainable
through the World of Warcraft Trading Card game and go for a pretty
penny if you want to purchase one. However, it is almost worth buying
it for no more than simple merriment. Trust me, this mount with a
Moonkin on board provides plenty of that.

alt="Moonkin Magic Rooster" />

Saber Cats

Saber cats are found all throughout the
game world. However, they are most notably the racial mount for Night
Elves. To say these are some of the best looking starting mounts in
the game is an understatement. They look fantastic, unless you happen
to be a Moonkin.

In the case of the Moonkin, Saber Cats
go from fearsome riding beasts to nothing short of comical. Almost
too big for the Saber Cat, Moonkins find themselves precariously
close to falling of the back side of the cat and into the nearest mud
puddle. It also doesn't help that the Moonkin's legs are almost
bigger than the entire Sabre Cat. Watching the Sabre Cat run with a
Moonkin on it's back is almost painful. How this beast hauls that
kind of weight around is a mystery.

alt="Sabre Cat Moonkin" />

That wraps up our list of the top 5
most hilarious Moonkin mount choices. I think we can conclude that
Moonkins are extra special, especially when it comes to mounts. Do
you already use any of these mounts on your Moonkin? What mounts
cause you to LOL when you see a Moonkin riding them? Are there
certain mounts that should be unable to carry the Moonkin? Share your
personal picks with us in the comments section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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