If you've been following the news surrounding Tabula Rasa, you might have heard about its unique combat or unusual story. While, the game's coolness speaks for itself do you finding yourself on the fencepost? Don't know if what the big deal is about, and why people are getting so excited? RadarX has put together ten great reasons to give Tabula Rasa a try.

9 - Cloning - What would a science fiction game be without the prospect of creepy futuristic techniques that we can't do in our own world. Enter cloning which will allow players to...well clone themselves.

Why do you care? This creates an exact replica of your character, allowing you to respec your skill points and even make different career choices. Threw points into Motor Assist Armor and now you are level 25? Sucker! Well now you can reverse it.

Some other creepy futuristic techniques in the first expansion will be handheld toilets and teletubby holographic tattoos.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016