10. Dropping by Quark’s.

At one point operated by an unscrupulous Ferengi bartender turned Grand Nagus, Quark’s bar and gambling establishment sits on Deep Space Nine’s famed Promenade between the Alpha and Gamma quadrants. It’s a watering hole all walks of life have visited... Cardassians, Dominion, Klingon, Federation, you name it. Whether you’re fresh off a mission from the Badlands or thinking about trying your luck on the other side of the Bajoran wormhole, Quark’s is the best and only place to grab a cold one.

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9. You’re the captain.

Who hasn’t wanted to shout, “Engage!” and actually go to Warp? We got you covered. Right from the beginning, you’re the Captain – the decisions you make affect the outcome of everything you do in Star Trek Online, from the missions you accept to the Bridge Officers you employ. At the helm of your ship, you decide when to fire your weapons, when your Bridge Officers use their special abilities and where your ship goes. On the ground, you command a squad of your best crew to take objectives, keep the peace and explore new worlds.

8. A Risa Holiday

Dreamed of vacationing on Risa? Take your best swimsuit and spend shore leave on the quadrant's number one paradise world. Not even an ill-conceived plot to muck with the weather can ruin your stay. Remember: What happens in Risa, stays in Risa.

7. Adventures in Time Travel

If you’ve ever wanted to fly alongside the Enterprise Kirk and Spock made famous – and who hasn’t? – this is your chance. Several Episodes (special mission arcs designed to feel exactly like an episode of Star Trek) will take you back in time to interact with famous Starfleet personalities. Maybe we'll work out a way to let you create your own virtual grandfather paradox for your avatar!

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6. Tribbles!

They’re born pregnant, or so Bones believed. Despite the Klingon Empire's crusade to eradicate them from existence, in 2409 Tribbles are alive and well, and still the bane of every son of Kahless' existence. Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy is still your enemy. Especially when they can reproduce faster than Jim Kirk can ignore a direct order from Starfleet.

5. The Guardian of Forever

If you’ve followed STO's development at all, or hit the convention circuit in 2009, you’ll know the Guardian of Forever is “alive” and well in 2409, and you’ll be able to interact with the enigmatic, sentient rock that sends people hurtling through time itself.

4. Sunset on Vulcan

Visit Vulcan, the place where logic was invented! Vulcan is just one of many iconic locations you can visit in Star Trek Online, and certainly a great place to meet a potential Science officer.

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3. Your Very Own Bridge

Sit in your own captain’s chair on your own bridge and order your own subordinates about. Or, head over to a friend’s bridge and exchange battle tactics, Starfleet gossip, or a cup of tea, earl grey, hot. You can select from over 20 bridges to call home at launch, and we’ll be adding more as we go.

2. For the Honor of the Empire.

Grab your best Bat’leth and a cask of blood wine and head to the Neutral Zone to duke it out with the gutless Federation, or battle within different houses to prove your nobility. Bloodthirsty player-vs.-player combat has never been better, or made so much sense.

1. Engage!

"Numbah one, set a course for planet Earth, Sol system, February 2, 2010 … Engage!"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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