With experience modifier changes in the last patch many people have found a new joy in Control Points. Chris Chester over at Massively has put together an interesting set of tips for assaulting these locations including target prioritizing and kiting. If CP assault and defense is your cup of tea, these tips may give you the edge you are looking for.

While a lot of players (especially Spies) seem to pride themselves in their ability to take down hard targets quickly, it's usually a much wiser decision to kite these guys away from big groups and take them on by yourself or with the help of other players or AI troops. Kael, Striders, and especially boss characters (as denoted by their white aura and unique name) can be extremely tough nuts to crack. It's hard to even out-damage their considerable regenerative abilities, especially when you've got a group of ten other guys plunking away at you in the meantime. So pull those big guys from the crowd and take them out before going back in and cleaning up the dregs.

Head over to Massively and check out the rest of these tips!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016