Runic Games has released a little more information about their upcoming RPG Torchlight II. The developer promised to release new information every other week up to E3 2011 and they've kept their word. This week new details about the races that players will encounter in the game have been released, detailing the Sturmbeornen, Ezrohir, Dwarves and Varkolyn.

Sturmbeornen are a race of bear-men that have developed a primitive culture with a focus on trade, exploration and at times, plundering.

The Ezrohir are a race that has managed to secure immortality by encasing their souls in armor. But in order to continue to survive they are dependent on a supply of Ember, which has led to the faction waging wars in an effort to obtain new supplies.

Dwarves, as they are in many fantasy tales, are a short and stout race. In Torchlight II, Dwarves, like the Ezrohir, became dependent on Embers, which eventually led to the decimation of their entire civilization. All that remains of the once mighty Dwarves now are their Ember-powered clockwork creations and their disfigured corpse that have been reanimated by the corruption of the Ember they once sought.

The Varkolyn were the oldest enemies of the Dwarves. After the Dwarves fell, the Varkolyn stepped forward to claim dominion over their territories and make war with their neighbors. However, the Varkolyn collapsed as a civilization and devolved into feral clans. All that unites them is their hatred for other races.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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