Super heroes need to do super things and that includes menial tasks like grocery shopping or a daily commute to and from crime fighting. How exactly is future MMO game DC Universe Online going to handle this all important mechanic? Should Batman have to take the subway and is teleportation really a viable option? We take a look at travel powers including what other games use and even a few new suggestions.

The first and most important reason for a focus on travel powers is immersion. Can you actually picture Batman and Robin riding the subway or L-train to stop a bank heist? What about Superman scolding a drunk who vomited on his shoes or Wonder Woman punching out a passenger who got too grabby? Of course not! These people are larger than life and I can say with certainty even Aquaman shouldn't drive up to a secret lair in a '98 Ford Taurus. Sure, the average player in DCUO won't have that kind of clout, but in order to feel truly “super” you have to shed the responsibilities and restrictions of mortal men. Whether this means you get such powers early on or later in the game, that’s beside the point. Attaining the power sometime in your career is a necessity.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016