The chatter was HUGE just before launch, but it has quieted down a bit now that everyone is happily in game enjoying their new expansion!

What talk there is now is largely focused on RoK, and I know everyone wants to know how it's being received by the community. This is where the EQ2 Treasure Chest comes in!

With so many varying ways to heal group mates, it's hard to know which class may be better suited for varying conditions. Kygan_Mc has asked this week, "What is the best healer for a trio?". If you have any input to give, or if you have the same question yourself, drop on in!

There's been a great many changes to solo-adventuring abilities as well as the changes to the world itself to permit ease in venturing out alone, Kizee's asked "What is the point of grouping now?". Do you happen to have any advice as to why grouping may still be needed?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016