If you were expecting to take part in the second phase of RIFT's World Event this past weekend, you were probably a bit disappointed to learn that it was postponed due to stability concerns. The good news is that Phase 1 of the event has been extended and you have another whole week to earn Otherworldly Stones to get all of those limited-time items from the new event vendors. Trion even added a few new items following the announcement and boosted the number of stones players can get from both the daily quests and by defeating rifts and invasions.

The delay pushed the start of the second phase of the event to next weekend, so come ready for war this Saturday. Well, that is unless Alsbeth's little shade squirrel minions start chewing on the server wires again.


Phase 2 of World Event Delayed Announcement

Phase 1 of World Event Extended Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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