Turbine has no issues putting out content apparently.

Turbine already has a massive expansion coming out for Lord of the Rings Online and is hard at work showing off videos for Mines of Moria but they aren't done for 2008 by a long shot. Announced today is the launching of Module 8 for Dungeons and Dragons Online and a big celebration for the ninth anniversary of Asheron's Call. To put it mildly, that is a lot. There are days when I'm glad I don't work in the PR department of a game company, and today would be one of those days when I see that kind of volume.

Some of the great things coming out of today's announcement for Module 8, Prisoners of Prophecy:

Turbine, Inc. today announced the launch of the latest update for players of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE®: Stormreach® (DDO), Prisoners of Prophecy. This major update to DDO delivers a completely upgraded experience for new players, improves solo play with the introduction of Hirelings, upgrades the DDO engine to support DX-10 graphics technology, and adds more monsters, spells, magic items, and challenging dungeons. Prisoners of Prophecy continues Turbine’s commitment to delivering fun, engaging and exciting updates for players in its online worlds.

Adding Hirelings is a major step in the right direction and upping the graphics to DX-10 can't hurt either. The game always looked good to me, so I'm intrigued to see what it looks like now. The big news in the announcement is the new starter area to showcase the 3.5 rule set. This should have been done at launch because many people had not adopted the ruleset, but at least now Turbine is fixing it (and we won't even discuss the 4th Edition). For a game that was left for dead, DDO appears to be on some kind of renaissance. I've heard people discussing DDO in podcasts which I can honestly say hasn't happened since it launched many moons ago (2.5 years ago). To read up on the latest information, go to Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Do all of these improvements and new content make you want to head back to Eberron? I'm intrigued, are you? Stop by our forums and let's discuss.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016