With Rift's head start set to kick off this Thursday, that means that it's time to start the horrifying task of downloading the new client. Yes, I'm afraid those beta clients must go to make room for the new launch clients. So head over to the official Rift website to get the new client installed before launch.

Note: There is currently a problem with the patcher that should be resolved soon. We'll update when we have more.

Update: Rift Sr. Community Manager Cindy "Abigale" Bowens has posted an update to the patcher issues. Emails and updates will be going out later tonight to let players know when they can start downloading.

We want to update you on the process of downloading the game client for Head Start. You may have found that you are able to download the patcher but have been unable to download the game itself. Don’t panic! Nothing is broken!

You will be able to start downloading the game client this evening. We will let you know here on the forums and on Facebook when it is ready. We will also be sending out emails to make sure you see when it’s all ready!”

I know everyone is anxious to get going and start downloading. Thank you for your patience as we get everything in order and ready to open the doors!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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