If you've been waiting for that Rift server list to show up so that you can organize your guild for head start, the wait is over. Trion Worlds has posted the official server list to the Rift forums and server forums will soon follow. The head start servers are as follows:

Update: Four new servers have been added to the head start list. See below in bold.

US Servers

Belmont PvE

Briarcliff PvP

Byriel PvE

Deepstrike PvP

Faeblight RP

Gnarlwood PvE

Greybriar PvE

Keenblade PvE

Lotham PvP

Reclaimer PvP

Seastone PvP

Shadefallen RP

Shatterbone PvE

Snarebrush PvP

Spitescar PvP

Sunrest PVP-RP

Wolfsbane PvE

Rocklift PvE

Dimroot PvE

Europe Servers

Akala DE RP

Brutwacht DE PvE

Trübkopf DE PvP

Argent EN RP

Blightweald EN PvE

Cloudborne EN PvP

Firesand EN PVP-RP

Icewatch EN PvE

Steampike EN PvE

Whitefall EN PvP

Brisesol FR PvE

Rubicon FR PvP

Spross-Passage German PvE

Tempête French RP

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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