The Founding Father of Vanguard: A Chat with Brad McQuaid

Do you want to know what the man behind Sigil and SOE's upcoming MMORPG Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has to say about end game content and expansions, the beta test, and marketing the game to non-fans? On October 6th and 7th, Shayalyn went to a Vanguard press even in San Diego. We've brought you a behind-the-scenes glimpse in Shayalyn's blog, and a complete tour of Vanguard's world of Telon as shown led by executive producers Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler. Now we're concluding our October coverage with Shayalyn's interview of Brad McQuaid.

"I asked McQuaid to talk about end game plans for Vanguard. 'Players are concerned,' I said, 'about what awaits them when they reach the level cap. There’s talk that Vanguard will be all about end game raiding, like EverQuest and World of Warcraft.'”

Brad's answer is just a click away. Keep reading to find out how he answered this and all of Shayalyn's questions. There's lots going on at our Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community site. Stop by and find out how you can win a Beta Key and more!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016