Weekly Official Forum Roundup

Don't have time to rummage through the threads on the official Vanguard forums (OVF)? No problem! Once again, Aunraye has collected a list of interesting threads for your forum stalking pleasure. This week she includes threads about waves (you know, on the water when you travel by boat), unique (as in there's only one) in-game items, and a thread recounting a forum member's chat with Brad McQuaid at the SOE Block Party. Check it out!

Let's have some justice for the southpaws!

Left handed? Despite the belief a few hundred years ago that being left handed meant you were strange (aren’t we all?) or ill (which, by the way, isn’t true anymore...just in case you had doubts), Colmino thinks that we should be able to choose if our characters are right handed or left handed? Can we handle that much more character customization? Chime in, in this forum an feel free to use either hand (or both!) to type.

Get clicking and find out what threads made the roundup! Don't see the topic you were looking for? Head to the forums at Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer and tell us.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016