Vanguard Revamp #6

Game Update #6 finally is live! The amount of patch notes is nothing
short of staggering and there are a number of surprises in there that
Ten Ton Hammer's Vanguard community manager, Dalmarus, certainly wasn't
expecting, such as all accounts getting four additional character slots!

Dalmarus is sure he's not the only old timer in the group that has to
squint at those patch notes, so he's put together "Game Update #6 Patch
Notes - The Old Timer's Edition" for those like himself. A quick scan
will give you the important highlights while extra spacing will save
your eyesight!

style="font-style: italic;">The revamped models are now
capable of looking much more heroic and contain a lot more personality.
Worry not though, for those players who don't necessarily want the
heroic look, no customization options have gone away. In fact, we are
reintroducing lots of facial customization as well.

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    Game Update #6 Patch Notes - The Old Timer's Edition

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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