A Chat with Eliona!

Vanguard Spheres has had a chance to talk to the ever busy Michelle Butler. She is the head of the customer support department at Sigil Games Online.

If any of you knew Michelle Butler (otherwise known as Elionia) in Norrath, you know that this gal works just as hard as anyone else at SigilGames! Never one to stand in the wings and let the others do the dirty work, Michelle is busy putting together a crack team of GMs and filling a hole in lore that includes the group known as the Crimson Fellowship who will work closely with the GMs to support the people of Telon.

I "chased" Michelle around a bit to get the chance to speak to her as a closing interview to our first GM series. Glip tried to trip me up, but finally called off his garden gnome and let me get close enough to do this. Quickly, then, let's see what we can get....

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016