Planting a Seed: MMOs and the Magic Formula

This past week, Runestone Game Development announced that it is filing bankruptcy and closing the doors on its innovative roleplay-centric MMO, Seed. What was wrong with Seed? Perhaps nothing, other than the fact that it didn't buy into the tried and true magical MMO formula that made World of Warcraft such an enormous success, and makes Vanguard: Saga of Heroes look like a contender for the market share. But is that formula starting to lose its potency? Was Seed a bad idea, or just a poorly executed one?

"You might say that Seed was aptly named. The game represented the seed of an idea--the idea that MMOs don’t have to be based on the same tried and true platform in order to succeed. But was that seed ready to germinate and come to fruition? Perhaps not, if the ruination of Runestone is any indication. But before we come to the conclusion that Seed was simply out of step with what the MMO gaming community wants, let’s take a closer look."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016