Norm "GM_Volson" Freeman Interviewed

Ever wonder about the stalwart souls who rescue you when your character's stuck in Telon's vast terrain, or who reap vengeance on the gold seller who just /tell spammed you? We put some questions to Norm "GM_Volson" Freeman, and his answers provide plenty of insight into Vanguard's in-game customer service, as well as the secret password (okay, it's really an email address) you'll need if you'd like to pursue a career as a Vanguard: Saga of Heroes GM.

[Ten Ton Hammer:] What is the most frequently submitted type of petition?

[GM Volson:] The type of petitions we get most can vary greatly. If there is a known issue that is affecting a large number of our player base, we will hear about it. If I would have to choose one type of petition we receive most, it would be regarding people selling their services for powerleveling and/or in-game gold sales, and reports regarding players “botting” or “macroing.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016