Hype surrounds just about everything nowadays from fast food to the latest sports car. But hype can be everything when it comes to game development, and getting the word out on any game that game-makers may want to sell to you. Getting caught up in it all has its good and bad points, and Savanja explores MMO hype and what it has meant for EverQuest II.

EverQuest II was the first game that I followed, from the first rumors that spread like wildfire in EQ1 about a new and graphically improved EverQuest. Through in house testing, beta, and launch, I jumped onto every piece of filtered information that came through, like a rabid boy band fan, desperate for even the tiniest of glimpses of my assured life long love. I just *knew* that this game would be THE game, the one MMORPG that would hold my admittedly finicky gaming interests for more than just a few months.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016