Warhammer Online has received a lot of criticism of various game features, one being the poor design of Keeps. Up until now, Keep strategy has been fairly limited and Mythic wants to offer players a bit more in Keep features which is why they are being redesigned. Mythic developer Russel Chamier outlines the new Keep plan and walks players through the process of making Keeps better.

Okay, brass tacks. This issue was, at its core, one of space. The single ramp was not offering any sort of interior strategy in terms of attacking the lord. Warbands were essentially just zerging the stairs and it was a fairly limited space to begin with. So, we knew right away the change would be extensive to the existing structure. Because of the space involved, we didn’t want to cut into our Keep’s play space with the new ramp geometry, so we opted to expand the structure out instead.

You can read the full dev diary that does a nice job of explaining the basics of the re-design and get a preview of the new design by visiting this link.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016