It's no secret quite a few players have been playing leapfrog to different Warhammer Online servers with the blessing of Mythic Entertainment. Is this a bad omen or is the grumbling to be expected from any major change in the game? We take a look at a number of reasons why the transfers were not only necessary but beneficial to everyone. Read on for why you should stop looking for the apocalyptic horseman.

However following that train of thought, is it really fair to compare Warhammer Online to other MMO games which have come before? No game (excluding Dark Ages of Camelot of course) has ever built their foundation using Player vs Player as a measurement so why compare it to games who have done the opposite? Player vs Environment content works whether you have one or a thousand people playing. Unless you have a massive surplus or a level so low it's blatantly noticeable there is no reason to do anything about it. Warhammer Online doesn't have this luxury and is being proactive.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016